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Jan 4, 2017

Jajangmyeon and Jjamppong - favorite Korean noodle dishes

Do you like 'Jajangmyeon or Jjamppong?'
It's like asking 'Do you like Mom or Dad?' in Korea.
It's just hard to pick one.

Chinese food is huge part of Korean dine out culture and especially these two are very popular in Korea.😆

But, here is where it gets interesting.
We call it Chinese food. You can easily find the Jajangmyeon and Jjamppong in Chinese restaurants no matter where you are in Korea.
But, It's very hard to find these in China and Chinese people are not even familiar with these foods.

It's weird huh?

The truth is that these are Korean dishes with roots in Chinese cuisine.

Chinese noodle
Jajangmyeon is a Korean noodle dish with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste) with caramel, mixed with diced pork and vegetables.

It's localized since It first came into Korea in the early 1900's.
And now it's diversified in terms of menu solely for Jajangmyeon.
The taste and ingredients are quite different from original Chinese cusine, Zha jiang mien.

Have you ever tasted a food you never tried before and said 'dayum, it's good'? 
This is one of those. Highly recommended. 

Jjamppong is Korean spicy noodle soup with LOTs of seafood and red pepper powder.
It's also originated from Chinese cusine. 
It's localized as well for Koreans who loves spicy food.
Koreans love it!

So, if you like spicy food, try this.
Ask for certain spicy level if needed.

Tangsuyuk is a Chinese sweet and sour pork dish adapted for Korean taste.
Generally, everyone pick Jajangmyeon or JJamppong, or else one each. 
And we share Tangsuyuk.

There you go, another food you want to try out in Korea!

So, my question is..
you want Jajangmyeon or Jjamppong?

Written by Logan from Seoulhunters
Jajangmyeon and Jjamppong - favorite Korean noodle dishes
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