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Jan 5, 2017

Merona cocktail, Korean icecream cocktail

It's needless to say that a lot of koreans enjoy drinking soju and beer(Cass, Hite, OB and so forth).
I drink alcohol once in a week but I don't drink only soju because I don't like the taste of soju itself. So what I do is that I mix it with other stuffs.

Icecream with candle

Do you want to know what I mix with?😎

There are several different ways but today it's with icecream.

Ingredients are as below👇
Ingredients for Korean cocktail

Preparation: Ices, 1 glass, soju, sprite, Merona Icecream


1. Put ices in the glass.


2. Pour 30ml of soju(1 full shot in the shot glass cup).


3. Pour 60ml of Sprite.

Icecream in the cup

4. Put the Icecream in the cup.🙌

Melted icecream

5. Stir it for a while till icecream melts.💪

Let's Party!

Side Note
It taste much better when it's melted. So, stir it.

Written by T from Seoul Hunters

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Merona cocktail, Korean icecream cocktail
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