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Feb 6, 2017

Wrap up : Popular Korean liquors

I'm getting these types of questions a lot from Non-Korean friends.

- What type of alcohol do you have in Korea?
- Which brand should I go for?
- What drinking cultures do you have in Korea?

Here's the answer.

Before we get into it,
I will only cover up top 2 well-known and popular Korean alcohol brands each that once you try it, you will be able to say "I know what Korean alcohol taste like."
Otherwise, there's so many liquor products that are derived from the original taste.
And also, I will introduce good combination of foods with each alcohol since Korean love to have food when we are drinking alcohol.




Chicken and beer combination is very popular in Korea. Highly recommended.
or any type of fried food and fruits combination.




Here's 2 Korean popular Soju
Chamisul fresh(참이슬) and chum churum(처음처럼) are top 2 selling brand.
Any type of korean soup are great together. also, Korean BBQ and Raw fish would be amazing combination.




Makgeolli is the Korean traditional liquor. in English term, rice wine.
Left-hand side is more like original taste and right-hand side is popular one for young generation as well because of sweet taste from chestnut.

Traditional liquors are generally come with traditional food.

4. Other options


There's so many options for alcohol aside from the ones in the picture.
but these are pretty good options to go for.

Side note :
Drinking culture in Korea that you might not know about.

Let's say,
you pick a random drinking place in Korea and you finish ordering the alcohol you want to a waiter or waitress. But they still stand up there and give you a 'is-that-it?' look.
then, Don't be confused here, you just HAVE TO order a food with alcohol in a lot of drinking places in Korea even though you don't want food.(except bars and clubs)
If you don't want that? you can just go for the ones that named as bar or club.

There you go. hope it helps!!

Written by Logan from Seoulhunters
Wrap up : Popular Korean liquors
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