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Jan 26, 2017

Bulgogi Sprout Bibimbap


Today, I will introduce Bulgogi Sprout Bibimbap.
I just randomly picked a restaurant for lunch.
And i thought It's was a great dish so I might as well share with you guys.
I wouldn't say it's the best example to show you a Korean Bibimbap.
But, I want you to know that Bibimbap can be formed in different ways.

Side note:
What is Bibmbap
Bibimbap is one of the well-known dishes as Korean food in the world.
It's literally translated to 'mixed rice' in English. Generally, There's various rage of different vegetables and meat toppings depending on their preference and dietary requirement.


How to eat Bibimbap
It's a very easy question to answer.
Mix it up!
when it served, It looks beautiful with colorful vegetables and toppings.
You might not want to mess it up at first.
But at the end of the day, you have to do it to get best flavorful taste out of Bibmbap.

It's going to end up looking something like this.


Here's what I got for lunch.
what you have to do is that you put rice, sesami oil, and gochojang sauce in the bowl
and mix up together. And you can also have side dishes on the side.
Bibimbap and Soybean stew with 5 different side dishes at 6000 won(=$6).
It's pretty reasonable price.


I like the food with sprout in general because it's fresh and it helpful for digestibility.
Speaking of my lunch here, I have all these vegetables and bulgogi mixed with my favorite Korean sauce, Gochojang.
On top of that, soybean stew on the side!
I was definitely satisfied with this.

Next time, I will introduce what real Korean Bibimbap is in a real Bibimbap restaurant.

Written by Logan from Seoulhunters
Bulgogi Sprout Bibimbap
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